how to reduce uric acid with a lower purine diet

Low Purine Diet to Reduce Uric Acid

Diet is a sensitive issue with gout sufferers. The real problem is they disregard the major contribution of their diet to their uric acid levels. Awareness of your diet is just as important in lowering uric acid as the gout treatments prescribed to gout sufferers.

A low purine diet is usually prescribed to supplement gout treatment. A low purine diet is also commonly prescribed to help normalize a high uric acid level, even if the patient does not show gout symptoms.  A properly implemented low purine diet is a very effective way to reduce uric acid and prevent gout attacks.

Purine and Uric Acid Diet Basics

The purine content of the food you eat dictates how much uric acid is produce when they are digested. The average daily diet contains around 600mg – 1000mg of purines. A low purine diet ideally contains around 100mg – 150mg daily. A low purine diet aims to lower the uric acid diet contributes to your body.

To start planning a low purine diet, you must first know the purine content of the most common food available to you. The first big step is for gout patients to learn what food to avoid with gout and avoid them. The rule of thumb is the higher the purine content, the more uric acid it produces. Examples of the most common food with high purine content are livers and kidneys and other internal organs. Sardines, Anchovies, Mussels and Mackerel, meat gravy and meat extracts also have high purine content. Consult this purine table for more information on the purine content of foods.

Making a Low Purine Diet Plan

To give you an idea on how to make a diet plan out of the foods mentioned, here is a sample of a one day menu plan for low purine diet:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with chopped bananas + one slice of low fiber bread with Black Coffee on the side.

Lunch: Beef Stew + Cabbage Soup + Rice with sliced apples and a glass of water on the side

Mid-Afternoon Snack: Two slices of low fiber bread with a glass of water

Evening Meal: Egg Salad + Baked Potato with a small bowl of gelatin and a glass of water on the side

Make sure you monitor the purine content of the food you include in your planning. You can also include these natural gout remedies to supplement your gout relief.

how to reduce uric acid with a low purine diet

Oatmeal is a very good addition to any low purine diet.

Low Purine Diet Guidelines.

There are some simple guidelines you can follow in choosing the right food for a low purine diet. If the food has low-fat, it is more likely that it is good for a gout patient. Skim milk and fruit juices contain 0 fats and can help reduce uric acid. Steering away from fried food and settling for their baked alternatives is also a good idea in lowering uric acid.

Alcohol may be hard to resist, but it does not help you reduce uric acid in our body. In fact it even increases uric acid by dehydrating you. Most common alcoholic beverages like beer contain high purine contents though its classier counterparts like wines are safer albeit unhelpful parts of a gout patient’s diet. Water is very important and is very effective in reducing uric acid. 11 cups of water a day can aid your system flush all those excess uric acid from your body.