Gout Treatment and Medication

Gout Treatment and Medication

Gout treatment medication can help alleviate gout pains and reduce uric acid levels. Medication is the gout treatment doctors would initially recommend. The effectiveness of gout remedies can be inconsistent for some gout patients. Gout can also become too severe for healthy habits and natural gout remedies to manage. In these cases gout treatment and medication becomes necessary for gout relief and preventing gout attacks.

There are literally hundreds of drugs and multiple gout treatment choices that provide gout relief and/or reduce uric acid levels. Make sure that you have carefully consulted your doctor first before taking these medications. Remember to only take medicine that your doctor has prescribed you. Self-medication is very dangerous and can even do more harm than good.

Common Gout Treatment Medicines


Allopurinol is a Xanthine oxidase inhibitor which reduces uric acid levels. Allopurinol is a preventive drug meaning it helps prevent gout attacks. It is not used for treating symptoms of gout attacks.

Allopurinol works by blocking the creation of uric acid. The blockage of uric acid creation reduces the build up of uric acid in various joints in the body, helping the body manage its uric acid levels.

Note that alcoholic beverages reduce the potency of Allopurinol. Steer clear of any drinks with alcohol while taking allopurinol and keep hydrated.

Side effects of Allopurinol may include skin rashes and reduced blood count.

Gout Treatment and Medication

If gout is too severe, it is necessary to use medication.


The primary function of Probenecid is to improve the body’s excretion of uric acid. Probenecid is not recommended for people with current kidney problems. Make sure your kidneys are healthy since the kidneys are the center of action for Probenecid.

Note that Probenecid can increase the uric acid content of your urine and may skew your uric acid test.

Side effects of Probenecid may include hair loss, dizziness and headache.


Colchicine is extracted from the plant Autumn Crocus or Colchicum. It is used to relieve the pain from gout attacks. It works by inhibiting the inflammatory response of the body’s immune system to uric acid crystal deposits in joints. This immune response inhibition provides symptomatic relief from a gout attack.

Note that Colchicine does not reduce uric acid, and so does not cure gout. It is only used as an effective agent in reducing gouty inflammation or providing pain relief during a gout attack.

Side effects of Colchicine may include vomiting and nausea and in some cases diarrhea.