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Reduce Uric Acid using Natural Remedies


Knowing how to reduce uric acid naturally is not only healthy but can also save you money. Gout is a physically debilitating condition and it can also be quite financially draining. Dozens of dietary specifications and countless medical prescriptions make Gout an expensive condition to have.

Not everyone can afford the strict medical way of curing Gout, though. Fortunately, there are also numerous, natural and inexpensive ways how to reduce uric acid in the body. You should take note that it does not necessarily mean that since they are natural that they are less effective. In fact they may be better since they do not have a bad impact on your kidneys and liver compared to pharmaceuticals.

Some Natural Remedies to Reduce Uric Acid:

1. Cherries. Cherries. Cherries. –  There has been some studies and many testimonies about cherry consumption as a way to reduce uric acid. Gout-ridden people who have added cherries in their diet has been seen to experience less frequent flare-ups of the afflicted joints. Some people with gout have experienced more gout relief in consuming cherry extracts than eating the cherry fruit itself. Cherries are inexpensive (in many western countries) and natural which makes for a healthy and cheap addition to your diet.

Cherries are a good way to reduce uric acid. Photo by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Cherries are a good way to reduce uric acid.

2. Eat the greens; just skip the beans – Eating vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamin C like broccoli and potatoes can become a natural way to reduce uric acid. Fibrous vegetables like beets and turnips have also been observed to relieve the pains of gout. Vegetables are generally cheap and are actually surprisingly tasteful. They are also the most natural thing you can get your hands on when preparing a diet plan for gout relief.

Beans, though naturally healthy, should not be a part of a gout patient’s diet. Beans contain concentrated amounts of purine which may trigger an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body.

3. Quench yourself – One thing to remember: the lesser amount of water in the body, the higher the concentration of uric acid in the blood.  Uric acid is water soluble, meaning it dissolves in water. Drinking water can significantly and naturally help a gout patient by regulating the levels of uric acid and flushing the excess out of our body.

Don’t just gulp bottle after bottle, though. You’ll just end up releasing them immediately. Sip it slowly and in small amounts every hour and let your body naturally absorb the water into your system.

4. Back to Basics – By basic I mean alkaline. Since Gout is caused by high uric acid levels, which result to its crystallized form being deposited to various joints, increased alkaline in your diet such as alkaline water or a homemade baking soda solution may aid the gout patient to reduce uric acid levels. 3 to 4 teaspoons a day (or as recommended by the doctor) of baking soda dissolved in water should be enough to reduce uric acid concentration in the body.

Alkaline water can be bought in some water purifiers and drinking water suppliers, and is a safe source of alkaline in the diet. Baking Soda is cheap and easy to administer but it may also have digestive side effects. It is advisable to consult a doctor first before trying this gout-relieving method.

5. Don’t be stingy on the C – Lastly, an adequate amount of Vitamin C can help relieve gout pains and reduce uric acid and the risk of developing gout. A 2009 study confirmed that Vitamin C significantly reduced the risk of gout in 47,000 men. Another study also confirmed that people who took 1000 mg of Vitamin C had a 34 percent lower risk than those who took less.

The vitamin has been observed to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood by aiding the kidney in expelling uric acid from the body.

Vitamin C can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Fruit juices are excellent in getting vitamin C into your system while re-hydrating you in the process. Cherry juice, apple juice and lemon water are popular choices among gout sufferers. The classic Ascorbic Acid can be found in most pharmacies and is quite inexpensive to acquire.

Always remember to drink copious amounts of water. Ingesting acidic foods and supplements can increase your urine’s pH, putting you at risk of kidney stones. You can check your urine’s pH if you want to make sure of your safety before increasing your vitamin C intake.  It must also be noted  that excessive Vitamin C intake (above 1000mg per day) may have undesirable gastrointestinal consequences such as diarrhea .



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      I am confused… I was told my the Dr. that I should avoid citrus fruits as they are high in acid and that the kidneys will have problems ridding the body of uric acid if it also has to deal with other acids, such as ascorbic and citric acid. Also, if you recommend Alkaline water and foods, isn’t Ascorbic acid and citric acid counter to that?

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          Hi! Thanks for commenting.

          The only time vitamin c poses a risk to your gout condition is if you are not getting enough water and your urine pH is acidic. Acidic urine puts you at risk of kidney stones. Other than that a daily dosage of up to 1000mg of vitamin c is unlikely to cause harm. Drinking mega doses of vitamin c (4000mg and up) has shown to significantly reduce uric acid, but I would suggest against it as sudden drops in uric acid levels can trigger a gout attack. So the simple solution (but the most neglected) is to just drink copious amounts of water.

          I’ve included a link in the article for more information on the studies. Hope this helps. I’ll try to update this article to include cautions as well. Thanks for bringing this up!

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