Uric Acid Diet Guide for Gout

This Purine Table is made to be an easy guide on which foods are high purine foods. As a general rule, high purine foods should be avoided with gout. Moderately high purine foods should be consumed in small portions. Low purine foods can be eaten as pleased and are best for low purine diets. If you need more information on purines, uric acid, and how it relates to gout, check out the following articles:

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This purine table uses a color coding system that serves as a quick guide to what high purine foods to avoid with gout. This is particularly useful if you have no time to compute your exact purine intake and uric acid diet yield. The average range of purine content per volume is indicated in the heading of each table section to help indicate whether a certain food is a high purine food that must be avoided, or low purine foods that can be eaten freely or in moderation. This can give you an idea if a certain food can be included in your low purine diet if you are currently using /planning one. If you need more information on foods to avoid with gout, low purine diets and uric acid diet yield, check out the following articles.

Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Uric Acid Diet

Low Purine Diet to Reduce Uric Acid

It is important to note that our diet accounts for only 30% or less of our uric acid levels. Though it is important to monitor our diet and our uric acid diet yield, it should not be the only consideration when reducing uric acid and treating gout. It is also important to note that avoiding high purine foods does not commonly provide relief during a gout attack. Reducing uric acid through diet is a preventive measure against gout attacks. If you are looking for ways to reduce uric acid or gout remedies, check out the following articles.

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Purine Table How to reduce uric acid
Purine Table


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